Davide Camesasca

Gran Canaria Sacred Mountains

San Cayetano’s Brothers

The brothers of the different brotherhoods are the true protagonists of the striking Holy Week processions in Zaragoza. Starting from the landmark of the Church of San Cayetano, impressive parades take place that traverse the historic streets of the city during both the daytime and nighttime hours.

Rooted in tradition, the brotherhood members, dressed in tunics and hoods, create overwhelming processions marked by solemnity and spirituality.

In these parades, the floats carry carefully crafted sacred images, accompanied by chants and the sound of small bells, immersing spectators in a unique experience of reflection and contemplation. These processions are not only expressions of faith but also artistic manifestations, with exquisitely adorned floats reflecting the craftsmanship of local artisans.

Like in other Spanish cities, Holy Week in Zaragoza undergoes a transformation with the presence of various brotherhoods, attracting locals and visitors who come together to witness and participate in this deeply rooted tradition, thus weaving a profound bond between the city, religious devotion, and cultural celebration

Project details:

Date: 26 April 2015
Category: Documentary
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