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Gran Canaria Sacred Mountains

The Location

Namibia is often regarded as one of the wealthiest countries in Africa, drawing attention to its natural beauty, cultural richness, game hunting, and a thriving diamond industry that attracts international magnates.

However, behind this picturesque facade that primarily benefits the tourism industry, Namibia harbors the highest level of inequality on the African continent. Less than 5% of the population owns over 70% of the country’s wealth, boasting an average yearly income of $14,000, in stark contrast to the $100 income sustaining more than half of the entire population, the majority of whom are unemployed.

With an AIDS rate of 15%, one of the highest in Africa, a significant number of children are left orphaned, compelled to seek sustenance and support beyond their families.

Excessive alcoholism wreaks havoc across the nation, affecting even ancestral ethnic groups. Alcohol abuse leads to domestic tensions, violence, and sexual abuse, particularly against women and children who become the primary victims.

The alarming rate of school dropout, low retention, and completion rates are noteworthy, with 20% of pupils dropping out at both primary and secondary levels, putting many more children at risk of discontinuing their education.

All these factors contribute to Namibians having one of the lowest life expectancy rates globally, at just 52 years.

“The Location” unfolds in the south-western part of the Hardap region, recounting the story of the Nama community.

Project details:

Date: 17 June 2019
Category: Documentary
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