Davide Camesasca

Gran Canaria Sacred Mountains

Heroes del Barrio

The Dominican community in Barcelona strongly embraces the sporting traditions of baseball, a highly popular practice in the Dominican Republic.

Aware of the importance of preserving their cultural roots, Dominicans residing in Barcelona find in this sport a vital connection to their homeland.

Baseball games become crucial moments of gathering for those who work in different sectors of society during the day.

In these fields, the daily routine fades away, and the community comes together with enthusiasm, not only to enjoy the game but also to share experiences and maintain family and friendly ties. However, this brotherhood around baseball faces challenges, as local police sometimes consider these gatherings as criminal meetings. This has led to the progressive closure of playing fields, threatening the continuity of these traditional gatherings.

Despite the adversities, the community persists, striving to preserve not only the sport but also the social fabric that baseball represents for them in distant lands.

Project details:

Date: 19 May 2013
Category: Documentary
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