Davide Camesasca

Gran Canaria Sacred Mountains

Before Moises

Venice, a city of canals and unparalleled charm, hosted for centuries a unique challenge: the relentless issue of the “acqua alta”.

With each tide, Venetians faced exceptional situations, navigating through streets turned into temporary rivers, adjusting their lives to the whimsical demands of the Adriatic.

In those autumn days, waterproof boots took center stage on Venetian ‘streets,’ squares transformed into water mirrors, and daily life was tinted with a liquid dance. Venetians adapted with grace, building temporary walkways and elevating their existence above sea level.

However, the arrival of the technology behind the Moses Project marked a before and after. It marked the end of an era and the beginning of a Venice that would resist the embrace of high tides.

In the city’s memory, the issue of high water becomes a nostalgic anthem, a unique song that resonates with the tides of the past, reminding us that, although high water may be part of history, it has finally stopped being the protagonist of Venetian life.

Project details:

Date: 05 November 2012
Category: Documentary
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