Davide Camesasca

Gran Canaria Sacred Mountains

Night of the Devils

During the festivities of La Mercè in Barcelona, a vibrant and energetic tradition lights up the streets: the Correfoc. This nocturnal event, meaning “fire run” in Catalan, is a unique expression of Catalan culture. Groups of devils and fantastic beasts, known as “diables” and “bestiari”, roam the streets carrying torches and setting off fireworks.

The atmosphere is filled with frenetic music, sparks, and the enthusiastic participation of attendees, immersing themselves in the dance of lights and shadows. The devils, protected by flame-resistant suits, bravely challenge the fire, creating a visually striking spectacle.

This ancient folk tradition, paying homage to the struggle between good and evil, attracts both locals and visitors alike. The Correfoc is not just a festive display but also a celebration of Catalan cultural identity, where fire becomes a symbol of renewal and community connection.

Project details:

Date: 04 September 2023
Category: Documentary
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